domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2012

Gabriel Victora é agraciado com "early independence award", do NIH

Gabriel Victora, nosso colega imunologista e ex-colaborador aqui do blog, tem vários motivos para comemorar. Além de ter o seu próprio laboratório no Whitehead Institute, em Cambridge, nos Estados Unidos, ele recebeu, na semana passada, o "early independence award", concedido pelo NIH:

Fourteen exceptional junior scientists, who were within one year of completing their doctoral degrees or clinical residencies at the time of application, will be supported by the National Institutes of Health Director's Early Independence award. This program encourages young scientists who have demonstrated outstanding scientific creativity, intellectual maturity, and leadership skills with the opportunity to conduct independent biomedical or behavioral research by skipping the conventional post-doctoral training period. The NIH Common Fund and contributing NIH institutes plan to commit potentially $25.9 million to support these research projects over five years, contingent on the availability of funds.

Gabriel D. Victora, Ph.D., Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge, Mass.
Research Description: Dr. Victora will investigate the way cells of the immune system interact to generate high-affinity antibodies that protect us from disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

Parabéns, Gabriel!

Gabriel Victora e Francis Collins (Diretor do NIH), na cerimônia de entrega do "early independence award" (Dezembro, 2012).

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