domingo, 11 de julho de 2010

Artigo na Nature Immunology sobre Imunologia na América do Sul

Wilson Savino, juntamente com colegas da Argentina e do Chile, publicaram recentemente um artigo sobre a situação da imunologia na América do Sul: Immunology south of the equator in the Americas. Gabriel A Rabinovich, Alexis M Kalergis, Norberto W Zwirner & Wilson Savino Nature Immunology 9, 1087 - 1090 (2008) doi:10.1038/ni1008-1087).
Despite a troubled economic and political past, a tradition of fundamental research in immunology and infectious diseases has been fostered in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, as well as in other South American countries.”
“… a strong tradition of science thrives in the atmosphere of many South American institutions of higher education and research. Motivated by new public and private incentives in the past decade that have stimulated science and technology, as well as the possibility of creating stronger ties with international institutions and industry, young, talented immunologists are establishing independent careers in the region, thus avoiding the trend toward 'brain drain' to other countries and boosting the region's profile on the science and technology map. In this commentary we summarize the origin, present status and future challenges facing immunology research in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.”

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