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Entrevistas ImunoFoz2011 - Paul Kubes

SBlogI entrevista:

Dr. Paul Kubes
University of Calgary, Canadá

SBlogI - What is the theme of your lecture at ImunoFoz 2011? 
Kubes, P. - How do white cells get to sites of inflammation.

SBlogI - What is the main finding or conclusion that will be emphasized? 
Kubes, P. - Understanding the process of how white cells get to sites of inflammation could function to help us eliminate this event and reduce inflammation. This could translate into novel therapy for this devastating set of inflammatory diseases.

SBlogI - What are the future perspectives in this area?
Kubes, P. - We hope to fully elucidate the mechanisms and look to find novel drugs through high throughput screens.

SBlogI - What are the challenges in this area? Are there controversies? Opponent hypotheses? 
Kubes, P. - The real challenge is to ensure we do not impair healing and repair mechanisms while we block inflammation.  These are intimately linked.

SBlogI - Any suggestions for background reading?
Kubes, P. - McDonald et al., Science 2010. 

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