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Entrevistas ImunoFoz2011 - Mihály Józsi

SBlogI entrevista:

Dra. Mihály K. Józsi
Hans Knöll Institute, Alemanha

SBlogI - What is the theme of your lecture at ImunoFoz 2011?  
Józsi, M. K. - Crosstalk between pentraxins and the complement system.  

SBlogI - What is the main finding or conclusion that will be emphasized?
Józsi, M. K. - While pentraxins activate complement, simultaneously binding complement inhibitors prevent the harmful effects of overwhelming activation. 

SBlogI - What is the significance of this finding? 
Józsi, M. K. - Certain disease-associated variants of complement regulators show reduced pentraxin binding, which is likely involved in pathophysiology.   

SBlogI - What are the future perspectives in this area?
Józsi, M. K. - Role of these interactions  in inflammatory, autoimmune and infectious diseases, and the relevance for therapy should be explored.  

SBlogI - Any suggestions for background reading?
Józsi, M. K. - 
Bottazzi B, Doni A, Garlanda C, Mantovani A. An integrated view of humoral innate immunity: pentraxins as a paradigm. Annu Rev Immunol. 2010 Mar;28:157-83.
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