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Entrevistas ImunoFoz2011 - Matthias von Herrath

SBlogI entrevista:

Dr. Matthias G. von Herrath
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, EUA

SBlogI - What is the theme of your lecture at ImunoFoz 2011?
von Herrath, M. G. - We have been studying, in mice and humans, what the role of CD8 immune cells is in type 1 diabetes. These cells are found in human islets and, based on our recent data, bear specificity for islet (beta-cell) antigens. islets that harbor these cells usually also over-express high levels of MHC class I. 

SBlogI - What is the main finding or conclusion that will be emphasized?
von Herrath, M. G. - In mouse studies, we can show that islet reactive CD8 cells only kill beta-cells well, when there are high levels of MHC class i expressed, making this a likely crucial pathogenetic event. In addition, we can show that viral infections (for example enteroviruses) of beta cells and islets can lead to upregulation of MHC class I. Thus, local viral infections might contribute to the development of diabetes my 'unmasking' beta cells to destruction by CD8 cells from the immune system. 

SBlogI - What are the future perspectives in this area?
von Herrath, M. G. - Lowering of MHC class i on beta cells, for example by preventing viral infections of the pancreas (ie via vaccines) might be helpful to prevent development type 1 diabetes. 

SBlogI - What are the challenges in this area? Are there controversies? Opponent hypotheses?
von Herrath, M. G. - Viruses can also prevent diabetes (as we have shown), thus the key is to differentiate between the enhancing (likely more severe) versus the protective (likely milder) infections. Suitable vaccines to prevent these viral infections might be helpful. 

SBlogI - Any suggestions for background reading?
von Herrath, M. G. - Seewald et al. Diabetes 2000, Filippi et al. JCI 2009, hopefully Coppieters et al. JEM 2011.

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