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Important information - Frontiers in Immunology

Caros, vejam a carta que recebi da IUIS.

Helsinki, New York, March 24th, 2011

Dear member,

As you know, the IUIS has recently signed an agreement with the new open access journal Frontiers in Immunology, making it now our official journal!. This is something that the immunological community has been waiting for a long time. There are many good journals around, but there is a clear need for a new type, coherent and strong journal that everybody can feel comfortable with. And not just one journal but many that cover the whole immunology field. If you feel something is missing, we (or you) can add it! Many immunologists feel that there are biases and barriers in the current publishing systems restricting the appearance of full spectrum of activities. IUIS has made the agreement with Frontiers under the conditions that the publishing process will be fair, unbiased, yet it would not compromise with quality. In addition to publishing, Frontiers will develop other activities on its pages: news forum, handling of meeting proceedings and networking among immunologists. It can provide a platform for societal activities of the many immunological societies at various levels. We hope to generate a world map of immunology on its pages.

What can the IUIS members do to take full advantage of this new agreement between the IUIS and Frontiers in Immunology?


Frontiers in Immunology is an open access online journal that is run by Frontiers. Readers have free access to the entire content published, but a registration with Frontiers is necessary to submit articles. Unless you have already done so, please go to to complete your registration, which is very rapid and completely for free. This is a necessary step for any researcher wishing to profile himself, but also extremely important to increase your visibility as well as that of our society's. It seems obvious that the more complete a profile is, the more chances there are that it will be looked at, but ‐ believe it or not – apparently one of the most efficient ways to reach popularity is to post a picture, so do not hesitate to do so!


Your privacy is important to us, and we make it a top priority. Once you have created your profile, you can choose your privacy settings on just about everything so that you are always in control of how much you want to be disclosed,.


Frontiers in Immunology is a young journal. In fact it went online in November 2010, and it is now in the position to greatly and quickly benefit from the IUIS community. The growth of the editorial board from the current 600 editors to the target 2,000 is very important to achieve its full potential. If you want to submit your application, or want to suggest someone else, to become Associate or Review editor, please contact


Frontiers in Immunology has now started to take in manuscripts, both Original Research articles and Reviews. The myriad of advantages for authors publishing with Frontiers is still unmatched in the context of academic publishing, in both phases preceding and following publication. Fairness of review, speed of publication and widespread visibility are just a few of the multitude of benefits reserved to Frontiers authors. More information can be found here


Now that Frontiers in Immunology is the official journal of the IUIS, it is also part of an exciting community led by researchers driven by the desire to offer the best to the academic world. You can already see some community services and tools on the bottom of the home page. Browse, search and post job offers for free! Buy and download ebooks! Search the scholar community with our Who’s who…MORE TO COME... and there are so many more exciting and useful tools coming soon. In future versions of Frontiers that will be released this year, it will be possible to initiate discussions, blogs, collaborations, share data, images, videos, and much more. It is not a one‐off affair. The site can become a hotbed of continued discussion and networking and regularly updated with new articles to keep the topic alive ‐ like repeated annual conferences. So keep visiting us!

Welcome to the new world of immunology

Seppo Meri Kendall Smith

Secretary General of IUIS Field Chief Editor, Frontiers in Immunology

University of Helsinki, Finland Cornell University, New York, USA

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