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Entrevistas ImunoFoz 2011 - Koichi Kobayachi

SBlogI entrevista:

Dr. Koichi S. Kobayashi
Harvard Medical School, EUA

Palestrante da mesa-redonda 'Innate Immune Receptors in Pathogen Recognition and Inflammation' (16/10/2011)

SBlogI - What is the theme of your lecture at ImunoFoz 2011?
Kobayashi, K.S. - I will talk about the regulation of MHC molecules by the NLR family, consisting of cytoplasmic proteins involved in the recognition of microbes.

SBlogI - What is the main finding or conclusion that will be emphasized?
Kobayashi, K.S. - CIITA, another NLR protein, has been known as an MHC class II transactivator. We have identified NLRC5 as the transactivator of MHC class I.      
SBlogI - What is the significance of this finding? 
Kobayashi, K.S. - The search for transactivator of MHC class I genes has been ongoing for the past 18 years, but had not been fruitful until our discovery.

SBlogI - What are the future perspectives in this area?
Kobayashi, K.S. - Molecular mechanisms underlying how NLRC5 transactivates MHC class I genes should be clarified.
SBlogI - What are the challenges in this area? Are there controversies? Opponent hypotheses?
Kobayashi, K.S. - NLRC5 was proposed to be an inhibitor of TLR and RLR signaling by interacting with IKK and RIG-I. Our and other groups’ data did not support it. 
SBlogI - Any suggestions for background reading?
Kobayashi, K.S. - Meissner TB, et al. NLR family member NLRC5 is a transcriptional regulator of MHC class I genes. PNAS. (2010) 107 (31): 13794-9.

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