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Entrevistas ImunoFoz 2011 - Craig Roy

SBlogI entrevista:

Dr. Craig R. Roy
Yale U. School of Medicine, EUA

Palestrante da mesa-redonda 'Innate Immune Receptors in Pathogen Recognition and Inflammation' (16/10/2011)

SBlogI - What is the theme of your lecture at ImunoFoz 2011?
Roy, C.R. - The lecture will focus on the mechanisms mammalian cells use to discriminate between pathogenic bacteria and non-pathogenic organisms.

SBlogI - What is the main finding or conclusion that will be emphasized?
Roy, C.R. - That pathogens typically use specialized secretion systems to manipulate the host and that innate immune sensors can recognize these pathogens based on the activities of theses secretion systems.
SBlogI - What is the significance of this finding? 
Roy, C.R. - As pathogens co-evolve with specific hosts they devise mechanisms to avoid detection, so understanding how different innate pathways are activated in response to infection will provide clues as to why certain pathogens may not elicit a response that limits infection.

SBlogI - What are the future perspectives in this area? 
Roy, C.R. - Although the signaling pathways are becoming increasingly clear, there remain many questions pertaining to the spatial and temporal requirements for activation of these pathways.

SBlogI - What are the challenges in this area? Are there controversies? Opponent hypotheses? 
Roy, C.R. - Many of these pathways are regulated by proteins that are present in the cell in low abundance and standard cell biological tools such as overproduction of GFP fusion proteins tend to constitutively activate these pathways, making studies aimed at determining the spatial and temporal contraints for activation difficult.

SBlogI - Any suggestions for background reading?
Roy, C.R. -  
1: Case CL, Roy CR. Asc Modulates the Function of NLRC4 in Response to Infection
of Macrophages by Legionella pneumophila. MBio. 2011 Sep 1;2(4). pii: e00117-11.

2: Shin S, Case CL, Archer KA, Nogueira CV, Kobayashi KS, Flavell RA, Roy CR,
Zamboni DS. Type IV secretion-dependent activation of host MAP kinases induces an
increased proinflammatory cytokine response to Legionella pneumophila. PLoS
Pathog. 2008 Nov;4(11):e1000220. 

3: Vance RE, Isberg RR, Portnoy DA. Patterns of pathogenesis: discrimination of
pathogenic and nonpathogenic microbes by the innate immune system. Cell Host
Microbe. 2009 Jul 23;6(1):10-21.

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