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From far East to far West: does it deserve?

We have an old famous religious talk from our Prophet (s) said, “Seek knowledge even as far in China”. I believe this notion was mentioned to reflect the importance of seeking knowledge wherever far is it. I went to China three years ago (in 2008), wherein I got a research experience (more than 2 years) makes me qualified to get my PhD and obtained the chance to communicate with others who had high levels of research knowledge. Chinese people are very kind, hard workers, and they are merely devoted to their work. The level of the research there is really high and they have the capability to cope with the recent advances abroad and to transfer it to their country, and this most likely happened because the Chinese Mentors enforced the students to approach the recent advances in Science through setting up chances (short or long period) to go to developed countries such as USA and Europe.

I had told my friends in Sudan that I will transform my research journey from far East (China) to far West (Brazil), they thought that after all the years I spent on teaching and doing research, I’m gonna change my career to play football, because for Sudanese for instance, Brazilians are known and famous with lots like playing Soccer, and Chinese are famous with playing Acrobats. I got these believes as a kind of comic stories, because I used to hear such like these nonsense talks, when I planned to travel to China.

I was fortunate enough to have a chance to come to Brazil (for the first time) for doing my PostDoc in Immunoparasitology under supervision of one of the prominent, intelligent, quick witted, and elegant professors in USP to stay for one year. Despite the short duration I had since my arrival to Ribeirao Preto, now I can say what I would have to say at the end of my fellowship.

Generally (and that's problem with generalizations), I found Brazilians, especially the academics are incredibly hard working people, and the level of research in Brazil, particularly in University of Sao Paulo (USP) is the same like what I saw in China, Sweden, India, and South Africa. I’m very fascinated with the interrelationship between the mentors, the students and subordinates, and the spirituality between the groups as well. From my point of view, the only thing that the Mentors as well as the students are facing as a challenge and that should be consider as a hint, is using English as a tool of scientific communication. This notch could be overwhelmed by enhancing interrelationships between foreign Institutes, let the students exposed to English environments by sending students for short or long training courses abroad (e.g. USA and Europe), and to establish a kind of regular communication using scientific and formal English language.

Scientifically, I believe that from China to Brazil is really huge distance endorsed by massive and high levels of scientific strata. And there is an ethnocentric mistake common among less educated people believing that Western educational Institutions are superior to all others.

Spiritually, I am about where I would stay long after China, and I would be a lot rich in terms of scientific experience, friendships, and the lifestyle, all are very pleasant indeed.

Khalid Eltahir Khalid

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