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Referees' quotes – 2010 - Environmental Microbiology

Vale a pena acessar para um final de tarde.

"Our referees, the Editorial Board Members and ad hoc reviewers, are busy, serious individuals who give selflessly of their precious time to improve manuscripts submitted to Environmental Microbiology. But, once in a while, their humour (or admiration) gets the better of them. Here are some quotes from reviews made over the past year, just in time for the Season of Goodwill and Merriment."

Algumas pérolas:

Very much enjoyed reading this one, and do not have any significant comments. Wish I had thought of this one.
# • 
It is sad to see so much enthusiasm and effort go into analyzing a dataset that is just not big enough.
# • 
You call the sample fresh water, this is confusing as it is saline water.
# • 
The biggest problem with this manuscript, which has nearly sucked the will to live out of me, is the terrible writing style.
# • 
The abstract and results read much like a laundry list.
# • 
The information in the tree figs. is pretty inscrutable.
# • 
There was little I could think of to improve this nice paper.
# • 
The statement that glycolipids and phospholipids ‘may play an important role in stabilising the outer membrane’ is odd because this they definitely do in all Eubacteria.
# • 
Merry X-mas! First, my recommendation was reject with new submission, because it is necessary to investigate further, but reading a well written manuscript before X-mas makes me feel like Santa Claus.



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