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Oportunidades de fomento

Leaders International Health Program Edmundo Granda Ugalde 2011
The Leaders International Health Program Edmundo Granda Ugalde 2011 encompasses nine months, launching in March in the participant's country under the guidance of the Program Coordination and the PAHO/WHO Country Office. During this initial phase, participants engage in different activities, discussions and visits related to the principal health and development challenges facing the country and the region as well as the main actors involved in the same, and begin to define a project to be developed later in-country in coordination with PAHO/WHO, government and other authorities.

Participants subsequently attend a two-week intensive training in international health in a country of the region, after which they return to their countries where they can continue to function in their normal employment capacity on a part-time basis if needed, while devoting a minimum of 50% of their working hours to the Program. They engage in a program of work and learning opportunities involving PAHO/WHO and other relevant local actors in international health, including country-based offices of the United Nations and other multilateral and bilateral agencies, sub-regional entities, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions
Data Limite: The applications should be submitted to the PAHO/WHO Brazil Office until 16 December 2010Home Page:

NIH Clinical Trial Planning Grant Program (R34)
This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites applications under the NIH Clinical Trial Planning Grant Program (R34), the purpose of which is to provide support for the development of a Phase III clinical trial. This includes the establishment of the research team, the development of tools for data management and oversight of the research, the definition of recruitment strategies, and the finalization of the protocol and other essential elements of the study included in a manual of operations/procedures (MOP). The Clinical Trial Planning Grant is not designed for the collection of preliminary data or the conduct of pilot studies to support the rationale for a clinical trial. 
Data Limite: New Applications Submission Date(s): Feb 16, June 16, and Oct 16; AIDS and AIDS-Related Applications: Jan 7, May 7 and Sept 7. Expiration Date: May 8, 2012.

Pasteur - Paris University International Doctoral Program
The Pasteur - Paris University Doctoral Program offers cutting edge training in a large variety of topics covering Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Structural Biology, Enzymology and Metabolism, Biological Chemistry, Virology, Parasitology, Medical Mycology, Epidemiology, Infectiology, Imaging, Neurosciences, Developmental Biology and Systems Biology.

Students will conduct their research in one of the 120 laboratories of the Institut Pasteur. They will be immersed in an exciting, dynamic and interactive research environment that includes access to a large variety of core facilities with state-of-the art equipment. 

Students will extend their knowledge by attending specialized courses and will benefit from a vast seminar program that attracts major speakers from all over the world. At the end of their studies, students will defend their PhD according to European guidelines.
Data Limite: The deadline is December 15th.

BBSRC International Scientific Interchange Scheme (ISIS)
The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is the UK’s principal funder of basic and strategic biological research. To deliver its mission, BBSRC supports research and research training in universities and research centres throughout the UK, including BBSRC -sponsored institutes; and promotes knowledge transfer from research to applications in business, industry and policy, and public engagement in the biosciences.
BBSRC's International Scientific Interchange Scheme (ISIS) provides support to help scientists add an international dimension to their BBSRC funded research by making and establishing new contacts with international counterparts.
Data Limite: There is no deadline for applications to ISIS; however it is required a minimum of six weeks to process applications. Home Page:

Embryonic Stem Cells as a Model System for Embryonic Development - Latin American Course and Workshop 2011 (3rd Edition)
The British Consulate General in São Paulo, in partnership with the MRC Centre for Regenerative and the Institute for Stem Cell Research at Edinburgh University, the Wellcome Trust Center for Stem Cell Research at Cambridge University and the Autonomous University of Mexico promotes the 3rd Latin America Course and Workshop embrionic Stem Cells as a Model System for Embryonic Development.

"Embryonic Stem (ES) Cells as a Model System for Embryonic Development" is an evolving program based around an intense educational course with both practical training and lectures from key experts in the field. The 2011 version of the course will be held in Cuernavaca, Mexico, with outreach activities and symposium taking place in Mexico City (27th February to 17th March). The program aims to gather the experts on Stem Cell research and the application of Stem Cell research to basic developmental biology with scientists from throughout 
Latin America.
Data Limite: Closing date for applications is 15th December. Home Page

Fomento e Infraestrutura em P&D
Coordenação de Pesquisas -Vice-Diretoria de Pesquisas e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico
Fiocruz Bahia

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