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van Eden busca parceiros brasileiros

Quem estuda as Heat Shock proteins, certamente conhece o cientista holandês Willem van Eden. Ele está em busca de parceiros brasileiros, deem uma olhada:

Prof Dr. Willem van Eden from the Utrecht University (the Netherlands) is looking for Brazilian Groups interested in applying for this project below. It is also important to consider the participation of interested Brazilian companies.

HEALTH.2011.1.4-5: New therapeutic approaches in chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. FP7-HEALTH-2011-single-stage. Projects should aim to develop innovative strategies to therapy based on approaches, such as small molecules, antibodies, peptides or cells, where understanding of mechanism of action has already been established. Proposals should include validation in relevant pre-clinical models and, if possible, early assessment in humans. The selected project should capitalise on the strong experience available in Brazil and Europe in the fields of immunology and immunopathology. Cooperation with related national and international projects in Brazil should be ensured and a part of the budget should be set aside for this cooperation and for training activities. Industrial participation is required and this will be considered in the evaluation of the proposal. Note: Limits on the EU financial contribution apply. These are implemented strictly as formal eligibility criteria. Funding scheme: Collaborative Project (small or medium-scale focused research project). EU contribution per project: max EUR 3 000 000. One or more proposals can be selected. Expected impact: The main impact of this work should be the extent to which new, innovative therapeutic approaches for this diseases can be tested in relevant preclinical models or in humans. Projects are expected to lead to more links and to closer cooperation between Member States, Associated Countries and Brazil than is the case for traditional FP projects. Special feature: It is expected that the Brazilian authorities will issue a complementary call to finance Brazilian projects in this field and that the EU funded project will cooperate closely with those and other related projects. Additional eligibility criterion: Projects will only be selected for funding on the condition that the estimated EU contribution going to industry is 15% or more of the total estimated EU contribution for the project as a whole. This will be assessed at the end of the negotiation, before signature of the grant agreement. Proposals not fulfilling this criterion will not be funded.

Prof. W. van Eden, MD, PhD, Division of Immunology, FVM, Utrecht University, Yalelaan 1, 3584CL Utrecht, The Netherlands, Tel: 31 30 2534358, Fax: 31 30 2533555, Email:

Litt. Heat-shock proteins induce T-cell regulation of chronic inflammation, 2005, Nat. Rev. Immunol. 5:318

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  1. Ele nos escreveu e estamos vendo como fazer algo juntos. Também com Celio Silva. Se algum outro grupo tiver interesse, por favor, entrar em contato.


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