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Co-Infection: A Global Challenge for Disease Control

Co-Infection: A Global Challenge for Disease Control
Organizers: Rodrigo Corrêa-Oliveira, David Dunne and Andrea Graham
Centro de Artes e Convenções, Ouro Preto, MG, Brasil
March 15-20, 2015
Keystone Symposia has received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to subsidize a limited number of registration fees for students/postdoctoral fellows studying in Brazil.  This money is intended to enable individuals to attend the meeting who would not otherwise be able to participate.  Applicants should send an email to the address below, identifying themselves, their occupation (student or postdoctoral fellow), their study program (if applicable), institution, and requesting an award, with a statement of less than 200 words on why it would benefit their training or career plans.  
Please apply by January 5, 2015 using this email address:  
The email should be sent by midnight US Mountain Time on January 5, 2015.  We will notify awardees as soon as possible after that, and then we will contact them to help them register with no fee.  Awardees are responsible for travel costs, as well as lodging costs if they are unable to commute on a daily basis to the meeting.
(We will also notify those whose applications were declined, and do so before the early registration deadline of January 5, 2015.  If they have other ways to pay the registration fee, they will still have time to register at the discounted registration rate before the January 14 deadline.)

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