segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013

Inovações estagnadas?

Vale a pena a leitura de reportagem publicada na "The Economist", no último dia 12, sobre o debate de que inovações ocorrem em ritmo cada vez mais lento.

Innovation pessimism
Has the ideas machine broken down?

The great innovation debate
Fears that innovation is slowing are exaggerated, but governments need to help it along

A mensagem enviada aos governantes é clara:
When government was smaller, innovation was easier. Industrialists could introduce new processes or change a product’s design without a man from the ministry claiming some regulation had been broken. It is a good thing that these days pharmaceuticals are stringently tested and factory emissions controlled. But officialdom tends to write far more rules than are necessary for the public good; and thickets of red tape strangle innovation. Even many regulations designed to help innovation are not working well. The West’s intellectual-property system, for instance, is a mess, because it grants too many patents of dubious merit.

For governments that do these things well—get out of the way of entrepreneurs, reform their public sectors and invest wisely—the rewards could be huge. 

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